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Cameron McKenzie has held on to a lucky 888kg Total record since 2016. Having now completed his studies and back in action with 870kg in December 2019, Cameron will tackle 900kg in 2020. Sane Faatoe holds the BP record already but has since gone 258kg overweight and is psyched to jump the WR up very soon. 120+kg Class Lift Lifter Country Year Fed 123 639 Andrzej Stanaszek Poland 05/09/02 EPF 132 551 Mike Booker USA 2002 AAU 148 580 Jonathan Garcia USA 03/07/20 USAPL 165 644 Yoshihiro Higa Japan 07/12/20 JPA 181 760 Aleksey Nikulin Russia 06/24/18 IPL/RPU 198 804 Amit Sapir Canada 04/16/16 APA 220 822 Joe Sullivan USA 09/26/20 WRPF 242 859 Kevin Oak Okolie USA 02/01/20 SP Powerlifting Records Equipped Men Equipped Men Sub-Junior. Equipped Men Junior. Equipped Men Open. Equipped Men Masters 1. Equipped Men Masters 2. Equipped Men Masters 3. Equipped Men Masters 4. Record claim for New World and/or European Record Record claim form . Official VIP Partner . Home Weight Class/ Event: Squat: Bench Press: Deadlift: Total Powerlifting: Clean and Jerk: Snatch: Total Weightlifting: Unlimited/Over 275.5 lbs. 1008.6 lbs. (Shane Hamman) 793.7 lbs. (Daisuke Midote) 899.5 lbs. (Tibor Meszaros) 2601.5 lbs. (Brian Siders) n/a: n/a: n/a: 275.5 lbs. Maximum: 1003.1 lbs. (Kirk Karwoski) 722 lbs. (Viktor Testsov) 876.3 lbs. (Istvan Arvai

Michael Booker #1. 250. 2002-03-09. AAU. 3. Precious McKenzie. 232.5. 1980-11-07. IPF Weight Nat Date Location; S: Barbra Auva'a: 185KG: NZL: 07 Jun 2018: Calgary: B: Standard: 125KG - - - D: Karlina Tongotea: 215KG: NZL: 05 Oct 2019: Calgary: T: Standard: 500KG - - - New Zealand owns this Class. Barbra Auva'a and Karlina Tongotea clashed all last year, but Karlina was on top where it counted, at the Worlds. This is a list of world records in Olympic weightlifting.These records are maintained in each weight class for the snatch lift, clean and jerk lift, and the total for both lifts.. The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) restructured its weight classes in 1993, 1998 and 2018, nullifying earlier records Bench press world records are the international records in bench press across the years, regardless of weight class or governing organization, for bench pressing on the back without using a bridge technique.. The advent of bench press shirts, which support the lifter's shoulders and provide upward force, have increased records significantly since 1985 (for example, when the shirted record was.

Powerlifting Diet for the Best Weight Class. Now that you understand what powerlifting weight classes are available to you and know that being as lean as possible is always best, taking a look at proper powerlifting nutrition will provide you with a solid game plan to reach your desired weight Powerlifters compete in three lifts -- the squat, bench press and deadlift. The lifter with the highest total in his weight class wins that class. A formula determines the best lifter overall, and percentages of bodyweight do not factor into competition World Men Powerlifting Championships 1972 - 1991; World Women Powerlifting Championships 1980 - 1996; World Junior Powerlifting Championships 1983 - 2004; World Masters Powerlifting Championships 1982 - 1995; World Games Results 1981 - 201 Dan Green holds world records at 220lbs and 242lbs. Jesse Norris holds world records at 198lbs World Men's Powerlifting Records. World Men's Bench Records. World Men's Deadlift Records. World Men's Curl Records. Women. World Women's Powerlifting Records. World Women's Bench Records. World Women's Deadlift Records. World Women's Curl Records. Rated #4 in all NC!! Tim Henriques' boo

Classic Men Sub-Junior; Classic Men Junior; Classic Men Open; Classic Men Masters 1; Classic Men Masters 2; Classic Men Masters 3; Classic Men Masters USA Powerlifting Record FAQ; American Records; Retired American Records (Old weight classes retired as of 12/31/2014) National Championship Records (All National Records are retired as of 6/23/14 by your National Governing Body vote. Only American Records may be obtained.

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Among the above featured pros, Sarychev — the owner of the WRPF — completed the big three in hope to hit a new world record total. Upon completion of his lifts, Sarychev ended up setting the new.. GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — After the Arnold Classic in March, Dave Stensland of Fargo made it his goal to drop a weight class and challenge for world records at the American Powerlifting Federation.

Here's the one sentence answer to the question posed in the title: The best powerlifting weight class for you will generally be the biggest weight class you can fill out while still being fairly lean. He's held 3 all-time world records in powerlifting in the 220 and 242 classes.. Even if you can't bench press or squat your way to a world record, it's always motivating to see people who can. Weightlifting at the level of the pros below requires a combination of grueling training, purposeful recovery, solid nutrition, and a lot of grit and determination.To succeed in the sport one must put their training at the top of their list of priorities

This is a list of world records in Olympic weightlifting. These records are maintained in each weight class for the snatch lift, clean and jerk lift, and the total for both lifts. Pictogram. The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) restructured its weight classes in 1993,. Men 165 lb. Weight Class IPA World Record. RECORDS LAST UPDATED: December 1, 2011 *Please see the Am Elite Records T he Arnold expo happened recently and scrolling through my social media feed I saw several incredible lifts including a few new all-time world records. In my book All About Powerlifting I listed the All-Time World Records for each lift but it has been a few years and some of them have changed. In addition I thought it would be cool to have a resource where the records are listed along with. She had lifted nearly three times her weight, shattering, unofficially, the current deadlift world record for women in Winroth's age and weight class, set last year by American powerlifter.

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Powerlifting Strength Standards Guidelines: These are powerlifting strength standards, not general strength standards. Meaning, the data only includes powerlifters who compete or lifters who train using powerlifting methods and does not include casual gym goers who happen to squat, bench press, or deadlift I weight 165. Puny i know but im working my azz off in the gym doing what i can! However my strength has always been real good. I dead lift 315 pounds twice with no straps. Just curious what the record is in my weight class, or where i can find this information at

Stefi Cohen Just Broke Another 3 Powerlifting World Records Like It Was No Big Deal The accomplished lifter dropped to a lower weight class so she could keep setting new all-time world records. By. Ryan Kennelly. RAW record: 655 lbs Height: 6 ft 2 His current record is the third time in 2008 that he has broken the bench press world record. On April 12th, 2008, Kennelly set the bench press record with a lift of 1070 lbs (486 kg) during the American Powerlifting Association Open Iron War held in Kennewick, Washington This entry was posted in natural bodybuilding, powerlifting, sports and tagged bodybuilding, powerlifting on by Truth Seeker. Your height and bone structure determine your weight class. By default, a tall man cannot compete as a lightweight, whereas somebody who is 5'5″ will fit there perfectly

A: If you exceed a record in an older age category (or younger for your Jr and below), you are credited for the additional age category. From the IPF Rulebook: Men's and Women's 50-59 records exceeding those gained in the 40-49 age group will be included in the 40-49 category the Universe record breaker (east) Muzz's Gym, North Wilkesboro, NC. Separate Tested & Untested Divisions Held by the 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation: This is special record breaking event consists of following qualifying options: 1) You currently hold a 365 SWPF World Record in any Division / Weight Class Weight Class (lb) 114 123 132 148 165 181 198 220 242 275 308 SHW; Total (lb) 757: 953: 1159: 1279: 1400: 1553: 1653: 1735: 1790: 1848: 1871: 189

This Kentucky powerlifter is in a league of his own. A man who has been pumping iron for just seven years now holds the world record in the raw bench press after hoisting a staggering 739.6 pounds. The IPF weight classes go straight from 120kg to +120kg, and Cornelius took home the heavyweight crown on the back of this world record squat. A video posted by IPF Powerlifting (@theipf) on Jun. Class II: A relatively skilled lifter. A Class II lifter is stronger than the average person that engages in regular intense weight training. Class II lifters are likely to have 3+ years of experience with serious powerlifting training. A high percentage (~30%) of competitive powerlifters are at the Class II level classification Division Weight Class Event Name (Team) Weight (kgs) Weight (lbs) Date Location; Master IIA (50-54) Women 57 kg / 125 lbs Tota

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Visit the post for more. World Record Bench Press With 142 5 Kg By Jennifer Thompson Usa In The cur bench record for each weight class you airman sets world record with 551 pound bench press humble and pick your weight class in powerlifting powerliftingtowin world record bench press with 415 0 kg by blaine sumner usa in 12 Our records are now being housed on the USA Powerlifting data base. When you click on the link it will take you to the records page. You will have to click on the arrow type and highlight North Carolina Raw Records or North Carolina Records (for equipped)

In 1975, powerlifting legend Vince Anello became the first man in history to deadlift over 800 By 1977, Vince Anello was able to pull 811 pounds, but at a bodyweight of 220 pounds. By November of 1978, his weight was back down to 198 pounds. It was during Current Deadlift World Records. 114 Pound Class - E. Sajeeva. 5 Legendary Powerlifting World Records That Got Broken In 2020 - Duration: The Current IPF Bench Record For Each Weight Class *WARNING - Extreme Arching* - Duration: 3:35 Scroll to the National event and Weight Class for your Qualifying Total NOTE: A National Meet Qualifying Total must be achieved in a USA Powerlifting-sanctioned meet on or after January 1 of the year before the year in which the National Meet is being held and before the entry deadline for the meet.This includes all USA Powerlifting National Meet Air Force Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Cook is a man of many strengths. He recently set the world record in his weight class when he bench pressed 551 pounds at the Olympia Pro Powerlifting Competition in. This lift bested his former bench press world record of 1,074 pounds (488 kilograms) at the United Powerlifting Association Bench Bash For Cash in Dubuque, Iowa (July 12, 2008)

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IPF Weight Class Change and National Team Selection September 19, 2020 Dear members, We are delighted to announce that the IPF will be introducing two new weight classes to the femal Both powerlifting and weightlifting divide their competitions by weight class, age, and gender. It's easy to determine which category you as a lifter will fall into. Currently, the IWF includes ten categories each for men and women. In the IPF, men have nine categories and women have eight. For some, this is the best way to segment a competition European Records; SPF World Records; Open Powerlifting; Join. Login; All Records. Date Name Sex Div Class Weight State Equip Event SQ BP DL Total; Date Name Sex Div Class Weight State Equip Event SQ BP DL Total; Jesse Rodgers 7493 Tanya Dr Harrison, TN 37341 rodgersmadmax@comcast.net 423-255-3672. Follow us on Men's Raw Powerlifting Records Women's Raw Powerlifting Records Men's Equipped Bench Press Records Women's Equipped Bench Press Records Men's Raw Bench Press Records Women's Raw Bench Press Records Frozen Records At the end of 2010, the IPF changed the weight class categories and the CPF's records were frozen as a result. The records below. State/Regional Records; World Records; National and International Records; Rankings. All Time Rankings; 2020 Rankings; 2019 Rankings; 2018 Rankings; 2017 Rankings; 2016 Rankings; POWERLIFTING RECORDS: BENCH PRESS RECORDS: DEADLIFT RECORDS: STRICT CURL RECORDS . Rated #4 in all NC!! Tim Henriques' book All About Powerlifting

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Stripped of women's records, transgender powerlifter telling her 120 followers about the records she set for her age and weight class in the 100% Raw Masters world squat record,. Canadian Powerlifting Union National Records. A Record Application is required for ALL record lifts, including from National or World Championships within SEVEN DAYS after the contest. (or the last day of a multi-day event.) Application can be done by Online form; Retired Records:On December 31, 2010, all current records were retired due to weight class changes by the IPF Hi im an 18 year old guy from sweden and im curious what the world records are in the 90kg weight class. My personal records with only belt , is 245kg squat 150kg bench 235kg deadlift Day 1 - Tuesday 11th June Fedosienko on top again at -59kg. There are few certainties in sport, but Sergey Fedosienko winning powerlifting world titles is one of them.. At 1.46m, the Russian may be small in stature but he is pound-for-pound one of the strongest men in the world and can bench-press three times his body weight

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  1. Men's IPA Records Listed By Weight Class. Police and Professional Junior Division links can be found below. IPA World Record Certificates are available to anyone who breaks or sets a new IPA Record. if you are interested in receiving a record certificate, visit the IPA e-store to purchase your certificate online or download a form, complete and return to the address noted on the form
  2. World Record Squat with 283 kg by Taylor Atwood USA in 74 kg class International Powerlifting Federation IPF. 758kg 1st Place 74kg - IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships 2018.
  3. Weight loss. Presswood decided she would drop a weight class (from a 67.5kg weight class lifter to a 60kg weight class lifter) shortly after qualifying for the event, as a lower weight would allow her to attempt 12 records - including four world records
  4. Winning the 2019 United States Powerlifting Association Nationals qualified Ake for the International Powerlifting League World Championship, which took place in Leipzig, Germany. That's where Ake bench pressed 391 pounds and set the new world record for his 165-pound weight class, officials said
  5. Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest bench press world records and videos. Impress your friends by breaking or inventing your own bench press world records on Recordsetter.com
  6. A number of powerlifting federations have recently added the strict curl back into their competitions. It's not counted as part of the powerlifting total, but it can be contested as a single lift. Check out one of my lifters setting an age group federation record for her weight class

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World Record Bench Press By Weight Class Powerlifting Weight Classes Average Lift Record Name Born Nation Event Date & Place; Snatch: 177 kg: LYU Xiaojun: 27.07.1984: CHN: 10.08.2016, Rio de Janeiro: Clean & Jerk: 214 kg: RAHIMOV Nijat: 13.08.199 The OpenPowerlifting project aims to create a permanent, accurate, convenient, accessible, open archive of the world's powerlifting data. Rankings Records Meets Status FAQ Data Apps Shop Contact Support Us

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Hi my name is Anthony Franco. I am seventy nine. 79. Last December 7 I entered my first weight lifting competition. The Tom Brown Big Guns powerlifting competition in New Hartfort, NY I set a world record bench press in the masters 199 lb class. 330 benching am working out at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and I am on track to break that record At number 7, we have Andy Bolton from England. He is three times WPC World Powerlifting Champion and a strongman. He is the first person to lift 1000 pounds in the deadlift, has the record for fourth-highest squat of all time (1213.63), and third-highest three lift total of 2806.34

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  1. All-Time World Record 1,115kg/2,458lbs Raw total with wraps in the 140kg/308lb weight class. Third highest Raw total with wraps in history regardless of weight class
  2. Disabled Powerlifting - disabledpowerlifting.com. Go to link and choose which records you are looking for. men or women and which weight class or you can choose all
  3. in the 148 lb. weight class. He has won the AAU Powerlifting World Championships five times in the 148 lb. weight class (2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2015). Jim has broken 19 World Records and 19 American records
  4. Since it's based only off world records, the effect of having a higher concentration of talent in certain weight classes doesn't affect the results to nearly the same degree. It only takes one high performer at some point in time to hold it down for their weight class until another super high performer moves the world record up further

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  1. Ferland, PM and Comtois, AS. Classic powerlifting performance: A systematic review. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2019—The purpose of this study was to review all scientific publications related to able-body drug-tested classic powerlifting performance since January 1, 2012, and to regroup them into a brief narrative review. Three electronic databases were systematically searched in.
  2. Records. World Records State-Regional Records Top 20 Ranking Home Rules. Record Certificates: All proceeds of record certificates are donated to rescues and animal welfare cases for the well being of abused and neglected animals. When ordering record certificates, please allow 8-10 weeks for processing
  3. g their title this year

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South Carolina State Powerlifting Records All state and America records are kept in the USA Powerlifting data base. When you click on the link it will take you to the records page. Then choose the division and weight class to filter.  Raw Records Raw records are listed by division and weight class Russian powerhouse Andrey Malanichev utterly crushed the world record for the highest unequipped squat on Saturday, racking up more than half a ton—470 kg, or 1,036 pounds, to be exact The world's strongest man? It's still Georgian super heavyweight Lasha Talakhadze, who capped the world weightlifting championships by breaking his own world record, totaling 484 kilograms.

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Stich, 28, became a world record-holder in Las Vegas on Wednesday with a 402.2-pound lift in the Disabled 1 class at the World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships The old records were not erased. Rather, they were rolled into the new weight classes. For example, the record for the old 82.5 kg class became the record for the new 83 kg class. However, USA Powerlifting froze and preserved (i.e., retired) the old weight class records for historical purposes. The retired MN state records can be found below The zumba fanatics broke the record for the largest class ever held, beating the old record of 6,671 people. 6. Most Lifts of a 100 kg Weight in One Minute (Using Only Teeth Powerlifter Julius Maddox broke his own world record in the bench press at the event by lifting a whopping 770 pounds. That is the world record bench, plus, weight loss, and fitness. This. The heaviest bench press in a single lift is 401.5 kg (885 lbs 2 oz) achieved by Blaine Sumner (b.22 June 1987; USA) at the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival held in Columbus, Ohio, USA, on 5 March 2016

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Fitness Testing > Tests > Aerobic Endurance > Bench Press > Records. World Best Bench Press Scores. The bench press test is a test of upper body strength, and for many weightlifters is considered the criterion measure of strength. Being able to bench your body weight is a target for many, but the record for the most weight bench pressed is much greater than that TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE — Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Cook, 60th Operations Group boom operator evaluator, set a new world record for a raw, or unassisted, bench press in the 198-220-pound weight class by bench pressing 551 pounds, Sept. 13, in Las Vegas. Cook broke the record during the annual Olympia Pro Powerlifting Competition 71-year-old Hungarian powerlifter Janos Fabri set a new world record by deadlifting 260.5 kilograms (574 pounds) at the Men's and Women's Masters World Powerlifting Championships in Estonia

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